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Julia P. Bryant History

         Julia. P. Bryant Elementary School was originally opened in 1963 as a school for African American students. It was built on Williams Road. Chairman of the Bulloch County Board of Education at the time was J.H. Wyatt. The school’s name was chosen in honor of Julia Pearl Bryant. Mrs. Bryant was a respected, longtime African American educator in Bulloch County. She served as a teacher and supervisor in the Bulloch County School System for more than twenty-five years.

          Mrs. Bryant was a native of Sandersville, Georgia. She received her B.S. degree in education from Savannah State College and went on to do advanced coursework at Atlanta University. Her first teaching assignment was in Washington County. She then moved to Bulloch County and served as a Jeanes Supervising Teacher for more than twenty-five years. During her long career in education, Mrs. Bryant also taught home craft and arts at Statesboro High and Industrial School and served as principal of the Pope Junior High School. She held state offices in many state school organizations and was active in community affairs. She received many honors and awards over the course of her career. Mrs. Bryant was named Bulloch County Teacher of the Year twice.    

          A community leader said the following of Mrs. Bryant, “The life of Julia P. Bryant has been filled with service to people, old and young. She will be remembered by many boys and girls, men and women, for the guiding light she provided in directing the course of their lives. Many of her former students are presently teaching here in the Bulloch County system and reflect the ideals of this fine woman” (Bulloch Herald and Bulloch Times, 1963). 

          In 2010, a new Julia P. Bryant Elementary School was constructed on West Main Street. The new school is located next to the site of the original Julia P. Bryant Elementary. At the time the new building was constructed, David Ball was the chairman of the Bulloch County Board of Education. The original Julia P. Bryant Elementary school is still standing. It currently houses the Cedarwood GNETS Program, a local food bank, and serves as a site for the Statesboro Bulloch County Parks and Recreation Department’s afterschool programs.